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Leather Care

Keep your child's shoes looking new with good leather care

Leather, as a natural material, has slight variations and imperfections between and among pairs. This is completely normal and is considered to add to the beauty of each individual piece.

Leather is the best material for footwear because it:

- is breathable, allowing perspiration to escape
- conforms to the shape of the foot, while maintaining its own strength and look
- keeps the foot cool in hot weather, and warm in cold weather, since it is a natural product and doesn't conduct heat or cold

Leather descriptions

Leathers can be smooth, or have a nap (a "direction" in which it can be brushed). Both types are able to be cleaned easily!

Smooth leathers

  • Vitello (calf) - one of the highest quality shoe leathers
  • Nappa (also calf) - a little less shiny than vitello
  • Full grain - a classic, high quality cow leather for shoes
  • Vernice (patent) - finished to give a high shine

Napped leathers

  • Nubuck - the finest napped leather, exquisitely soft
  • Suede - has a little bit longer and more rugged nap, still very soft

Your child's leather shoes are best cared for as follows:

Smooth leather

Use a shoe brush to remove obvious dirt. Then, use a soft cloth and shoe or leather cleaner (available at your shoe repair shop or local market) to gently rub away remaining dirt, which will restore the shine while maintaining the leather's supple quality.

Napped leather

- Nubuck - use an eraser to rub away dirt and scuffs. Special nubuck erasers are available at shoe repair shops, but desk erasers work also.

- Suede - use a suede brush or other shoe brush on dirt and scuffs.

All of the above leathers may be sprayed with a waterproofing spray (available at your shoe repair shop) to protect against both water and dirt.

Do NOT use soap and water to clean shoes, nor put them in the washing machine or dryer. If wet, do not dry over heat. Instead, stuff with rags or newspaper and allow to air dry.

Leather shoe care supplies
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